EPH500 Extreme + Clenbuterol – Best Fat Burning Stack



What you get ?

  • EPH500 Extreme – 60 capsules
    • Ephedrine 60mg
    • Caffeine 150mg
    • Aspirin 30mg
    • Synephrine 35mg
    • L-Tyrosine 50mg
    • Ma huang 125mg
    • Naringin 50mg
  • Clenbuterl (Nexus Labs) 100 x 40mcg tablets


Why to buy EPH500 Extreme + Clenbuterol Fat Burning Stack ?

In our opinion that is the best stack to burn fat fast. For those who used Clenbuterol alone, know that it is fantastic drug, but with connection with EPH500 Extreme (mainly ephedrine), it gives insane results.

How to take ?

Clenbuterol – as usual : start with 40mcg a day and take up to 160mc max in a day for max 14 days (entire cycle)
EPH500 Extreme – one tablet in the morning and take another when you feel like your energy is low. Usually you don’t need more than 2 a day. Be aware: do not take it at the evening, You won’t sleep. Drink loads of water ! I am taking it when I need to go to work and I feel sleepy. Raining day is an example when you want to take one 🙂


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