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This is offer for 90x75mg Tramadol (Doreta) tablets. This is genuine (Polish) Tramadol product. The best painkiller based on Tramadol hydrochloride . Used with cancer and other serious pain problems. The best pain killer I’ve ever used. This is Polish brand from the Pharmacy. Genuine Tramadol tablets.


  • Tramadol hydrochloride 75mg / tablet
  • Paracetamolum 650mg / tablet

2 reviews for Buy Tramadol 75mg x 40 tablet

  1. Steroid Supplier UK

    Good pain killer. It helps to fight pain and gives a happy mood. Very happy mood I’d say

  2. Steroid Supplier UK

    Can I buy 100 tablets with shipping to UK?

    • Steroid Supplier UK

      Yes. We are UK based. We ship items from within the UK. You can buy 100 at once. I will offer you a discount or will add 1 extra blister. Your choice

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